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Experience Design

More-than-human design is an approach that seeks to create designs that benefit all living beings and promote a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.


By taking into account the welfare and thriving of all living beings, not just humans, involved in the customer experience, more-than-human design can be applied to improve customer experience. This approach aims to develop a more comprehensive and eco-friendly experience that considers the impact on the environment, animals, and plants, resulting in a more comprehensive and sustainable design.


User Experience (UX) design, User Interface (UI) design and Customer Experience (CX) design all combine to create great experiences for customers and users. Our research, interviews, surveys, prototyping and testing can uncover valuable insights that transform your products and bring joy to your users. People-focused, elegantly simple solutions that will keep your customers coming back.


"Paul is a wonderful communicator, listener, learner and action taker... focused on producing an effective solution for users. I really admire Paul's ability to adapt himself and his designs to suit the needs of a project... He's also easy to get along with and works well in a collaborative environment."

Melissa Orr - Experience Designer

User Experience (UX) Design

UX Design in the early stages of product development can address potential issues and will save a great deal of time and money in the long run. Jakob Nielsen's* study concluded that testing with just five users could uncover 85% of usability issues.
(*Nielsen Norman Group - Research-Based User Experience)


We use UX tools and methodologies to gather essential data about the customer through:

  • Strategic research 

  • Listening tours

  • Analytics 

  • Heuristic reviews 

  • Interviews 

  • Surveys

  • Heatmaps 

  • A/B testing 

  • Usability testing


We use this understanding of the user to guide changes in a website, app or service. These can include:


  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes

  • Process flows

  • Post build monitoring and testing


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